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Welcome To Capability Care

Approved Provider Of Supports Under National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

When you are looking for support, we aim to be of utmost importance to you and your family. We understand the needs and wants of people with special needs. So we deliver a plethora of programs to help individuals living with disabilities.

We hope we can assist you and help you achieve the most out of your daily living and routines with our hands-on support. We also have SIL houses in Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park.


We Always Care

We believe that care is about relationships. It's about knowing your clients and understanding their needs so that you can provide them with the best possible experience.

The way we see it, there are two parts to providing care:
1) Providing the right services and
2) Providing it in a way that feels like you're just there for them
— A friend who's ready to listen, a teammate who's got their back. We want to be the kind of caregivers where people actually feel cared for. And it's why we'll always make sure that when you need us, we're there for you.

We Always Care With Love


We Are Passionate

Just knock on our door, and our doors will open for you! We offer excellent services to provide you with love and tranquillity. We understand that your loved ones need proper care. We have the best caretakers and home services to keep them safe and at home. We are always available for you in times of need.

house hold service

Household tasks

At Capability care, we believe that every person can live a happy and independent life. So we help them achieve this goal by providing customized care plans that improve their level of self-sufficiency.

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gardening service


Our NDIS gardening services are designed for people with disabilities. We make it easy to keep your yard, backyard, or garden clean and well maintained.

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short term accomodation


We plan to change the world by enhancing people’s capability to care for themselves and do things for themselves. We don’t just care for your loved ones. We care for you too.

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transport service

Transport Services

Capability Care provides safe and reliable transportation services for people with disabilities. We go the extra mile to ensure that every client has a pleasant experience.

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sil service

Support Independent Living (SIL)

Independence is a journey, and we are on your side to help you along the way. Together, let’s take our first steps towards achieving quality of life.

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respite service


We know that caring for someone else can sometimes mean we need a break, so our respite program provides carers with the opportunity to take a break.

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Community Participate

Community participation

We encourage community participation for people with disabilities. We believe that everybody deserves to live a fun and fulfilling life!

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Love What We Do

The best way to do great work is to love what you do and spread happiness to create a jovial environment for those who have the courage and thoughtfulness to enjoy life.

The best way to do great work is to love what you do and spread happiness to create a pleasant environment for those who have the courage and thoughtfulness to enjoy life. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded scheme that aims to provide financial support and professional assistance to people with disabilities, including those who may never have had the chance to receive such help in the past.

The NDIS service provider Melbourne provides you with the assurance that if your loved one is born with or develops a persistent and substantial impairment, they will receive the assistance they require, whether at home or away from home.

Capability Care captivates the mind, body, and soul of our residents. Our people-centric approach allows each resident to choose how they spend their day enjoying our activities. We never claim credit for spreading positivity because we believe that if we are happy from within, the world will also be happy. Hence, we strive to transmit this message with a smile and an open heart.

We have a thorough understanding of the disability services in Melbourne, as well as local assistance, enabling us to provide our clients with peace of mind. Our skilled team will also care about your interests, completing tasks and keeping you informed at all times.

Love what we do


This reflect our trustworthiness good deeds which we always continue to do with open heart. We love all at Capability care and in our surrounding.


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