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Respite allows people with disability to be self-sufficient and achieve their objectives in a safe and supportive setting. NDIS respite services offer stays for people with disability to relax or take a break. This can also be a mini-break or a planned holiday for families and carers where they take time away from daily routines.


NDIS Respite Providers

Respite is a way for caregivers to get a break from their care-giving duties without having to put their loved ones with a disability in a nursing home or other care facility.

Respite can be provided at home or outside the house throughout the day, evenings, or overnight.

Day Respite: Day respite services are provided by various organizations and can be a great option for individuals with multiple needs, such as physical and/or developmental disabilities or intensive care needs.

Overnight Respite: Designed for individuals with more complex needs. You might be able to access overnight respite from an organization in Melbourne if you are affiliated with one. Individuals with complex needs can spend an evening in a safe environment with qualified, trained professionals.

Who do we support?

We welcome all people with disability and their and families. We offer a wide range of respite and accommodation solutions. Get in touch with us today for your respite needs.

Emergency Respite Care

  • Parents and caregivers of special needs children and adults receive funds and resources via the Capability Care Respite Program.
  • The Capability Care Respite Program assists caregivers in deciding whether or not to obtain emergency respite care and determining where and how it will be provided.

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