Support Independent Living

Support Independent Living (SIL) is a type of assistance that helps you stay at your home. It includes helping with daily tasks like cooking meals and cleaning. SIL accommodation allows you to live as independently as possible by building your skills, which means you need constant support seven days a week, including overnight support.

Live Freely

If you live with other NDIS participants, you may be able to get support for independent living. When you live alone, you can get supported independent living, but there may be other home and living services better suited to you.

As per the NDIS, SIL accommodation is best for those who require assistance throughout the day.

NDIS funding Support Independent Living for disabled people assisting them to live independently. Permanently disabled people have more choices and control over their lives, and Challenge Supported Independent Living (SIL) can help you achieve your objectives.

1. Becoming independent

You can make more independent decisions and live your life the way you choose when you have your place.

2. Making new friends

Whether you require occasional assistance to go to appointments, full-time aid with personal care and medicine, or anything in between, our team will devise a strategy to get you there.

3. More opportunities

Moving into a new home means new opportunities. This is the best time to reflect on what’s important to you and think about what will make your life more pleasant.

4. Support as and when needed

You may be looking forward to your new home and freedom and concerned about being away from your family or caregiver. When you move out from home, you need to develop your confidence and skills. Capability care staff are not just to help you support independent living but also ready to listen to you and assist you in achieving goals.

5. Freedom and safety

SIL supported Independent Living personally acquaints you by:

● Assisting you with everyday life tasks
● Various programs and recreational activities
● Provide your own space to relax and be yourself

How will SIL help you?

Help-at-home: We provide customized support, whether you need help at home or in the community. Both private services and government-funded support are available.

Individualized care: The purpose of supporting independent living is to give you or a loved one the individualized attention they deserve. Residents can select from various programs that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Friendly staff assistance: Our staff is available to lend a listening ear, assist you in settling in, and offer guidance on any help at home services you might need to maximize your independence.

Complex Medical Support: We can assist those with complex medical needs such as diabetes, enteral feeding, management, and seizures. We also provide complex community-based medical care.

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